Isola Sacra

The murals of the blue village

Scopri il museo a cielo aperto all’interno del villaggio azzurro dove 9 meravigliosi murales ti racconteranno il passato, presente e futuro di questa splendida terra tra colori sgargianti e forme oniriche.

Photo by Erica Fasano

Discovering the extraordinary life of Giovan Battista Grassi

INTRODUZIONE Il viaggio che faremo in questo episodio ci porterà a conoscere un uomo straordinario che nel corso della sua esistenza, grazie al suo lavoro, ha letteralmente salvato la vita di migliaia di persone non solo nel nostro territorio, ma in tutto il mondo. Percorreremo la sua vita mostrandovi anche i luoghi del territorio che […]

Street Art "Fiumara Grande" – Passo della Sentinella

Along Sentinel Step among its narrow streets, hidden, intricate as a labyrinth of dreams and stones suddenly you come across a work of street art that immediately catches the heart and the look of the traveler. This is the work of street art entitled "Favor the great Spanish artist Peri Helio ( [...]

Crosses on the bridge's history reminds our freedom – Fiumicino

Cross a bridge that has its roots in our liberation and that, over the decades, has survived many historical events.
Discover its historical evolution and admires her interesting technology: a huge lift in the city center!

Cycle between the river and a seaside village out of time – Isola Sacra

In the territory of the island there is a particular village Sacred that many do not know and who lives in the strip of land between the river and the Mainland for decades. This is Sentinel Pass, where the people of the river.
Ride in a place away from it all and admire the beautiful panorama which can be seen from bilancioni, where the Sun's fiery red, deep blue sea.

Browse the Tiber between history and nature – Fiumicino

Browse placidly the sacred river, the Tiberinus pater, leading off from the mouth of Isola Sacra until Rome, discovering corners of history and small green havens that you never imagined.
And don't forget the relaxation, the Sun and a light breeze that you caress the face.

Jog greenery and history at Villa Guglielmi – Isola Sacra

Villa Guglielmi born in ' 700 as casale dei Phampilj, was transformed in 1765 by Cardinal Ruffo as country villa, has since become a magnet for the entire city: surrounded by greenery, close to the Centre, the villa allows long walks between trees and canals, relaxing and joyful picnic jogging. And in spring you can relive the 1800 with the extraordinary court festivities.

Looks spectacular sunsets in Fiumicino

Have you ever seen a natural framework? Where the colors of the sky and the Sea catch fire at dusk?
Strolling along the promenade or along the Tiber to enjoy the sunset with a breathtaking spectacle, the famous sunsets.