Stroll among art and colors by looking at the murals of Passoscuro

Once upon a time, in a small but charming seaside village, magic walls, full of colours and emotions ...
Could start so the story of the fascinating murals of Passoscuro, small but precious works of art that color and embellish the entire seaside village of Buckeye: walking through the narrow streets of the village, you will meet these artworks They tell, between pictures, murals and wall paintings, the soul and character of this land, surrounded by the green of nature and the blue sea and sky.

Strolling beside the beautiful coastal dunes in Passoscuro

Walks beside ancient coastal dunes, between sea lilies, daisies and marine santoline beaches.
Close your eyes, listen the breath of the sea and enjoy fragrance of the beach's flowers.
You are in another world.

Surf and kitesurfing, fly over the waves in Maccarese and Passoscuro

The wind whip you hair with violence.
The taste of the sea that surrounds your body and your spirit.
The waves wild wiggle in front of you.
And only one single thought. Ride them with your Board.
If you love surfing and kitesurfing can't come in Maccarese or Passoscuro to ride the waves and play.