About us

It was a long time that we needed to write this page, but were never a second to do so.
Too busy to search for information, taking photos and videos, talk with people, learn new and wonderful places.
In short, too busy to build day by day VisitFiumicino.

VisitFiumicino is born in 2014 from the passion for this land.
Years ago I had written a thesis on tourism marketing (later turned into a book https://www.amazon.it/WEB-MARKETING-TURISTICO-study-MySwitzerland-com-ebook/dp/B007BLOFYI/) and taking a cue from that experience (and the skills that I have brought back) I wanted to create a project that would enhance my land, creating a kind of DMO nonprofit. Something innovative and creative.

We'd be surrounded by wonderful angles in our territory, some well known, many others less and even in the smallest nooks and crannies we could see something magical, something beautiful and unexpected.
VisitFiumicino is a project totally free, independent, far from political logic, made out of passion.
Born out of the passion and cultivated day by day from that same feeling that some people hold in their hearts for this beautiful land.
Il progetto, quindi le sue foto, video e testi, sono di proprietà di VisitFiumicino.com e dei rispettivi autori.
Se volete riutilizzare i contenuti di questo portale scriveteci a info@visitfiumicino.com: si tratta di educazione e rispetto per il lavoro altrui (nonchè rispetto per il diritto intellettuale).

Sure, it's not easy.
Very often in these years we struggled with various difficulties that now I will not pull out to keep you busy and do controversy.
But believe me, at first I helped anyone. And it is still very complicated to carry out our work, made of passion and volunteerism.

Only some have immediately believed in us and we want to remember them: Roberto Moretti, Antony Melons, Egidio distant, Francesca Anky Brands which they donated the photographs reflecting on our territory, suspended between sky and sea, between a unspoilt and bucolic to the Majesty of the sea that surrounds our coast. Finally, we also thank the talented actress Daniela Poggi who, during his charge of Councillor for culture of the municipality of Fiumicino, wanted to open the curtain to the project OpenMuseum realizing the potential of our project.

Now even our territory is slowly opening up and begin the first collaborations: Organizing Committee of the Archaeological Park, Radio Fregene, Via Aurelia XX, QFiumicino, QFregene, the Ecomuseum of Maccarese, etc. ..
It's very nice for us to be able to compare, to collaborate, to share our ideas and our passions also other citizens.

Our goal will always be to promote and enhance the beauty of this land, which we strongly feel our, valuing every little corner, even the most hidden, dark, because we know that behind that darkness, he hides a treasure that just waiting to be loved, cared for and valued.
And we, with our work, help the local economy because tourism, culture, art, can be a really strong point of our territory.

Alessandro e tanti altri 🙂