Become Indiana Jones adventure park in Fregene

Who has not dreamed of becoming Indiana Jones? Climb trees, explore Enchanted forests, venturing among the foliage of the forest, walk on wires suspended in the air, let go to breathtaking adventures in nature! Fregene Park this is reality. The Adventure Park Fregene has 15 different canopy tours, with [...]

Visit the monumental Fregene pinewood

In 1666 Pope Clement IX decided to put in place the pine forest of the swampy ground to make healthy Fregene, Lazio. For this reason planted in the territory where the pine forest, hundreds of marine pines, so they could dry up, at least in part, the Marsh and to protect the cultivations of the campaign by [...]

A nature walk in the Macchiagrande OASIS – Fregene

The macchiagrande oasis is a paradise for nature lovers. Its rich avifauna and its lush vegetation offer visitors a trip in green and peaceful surroundings, full of knowledge and beauty.