The Saxophone Museum

Inaugurato nel 2019 nell’ex saccheria di Maccarese (anni ’30) ospita la più grande collezione al mondo di saxofoni. Un’esposizione di oltre 600 stupefacenti strumenti, dal piccolissimo soprillo di 32cm al gigantesco contrabasso di 2mt, dal Grafton Plastic agli strumenti dell’inventore Adolphe Sax, dal mitico Conn O-Sax al Selmer CMelody di Rudy Wiedoeft. La Collezione racconta […]

Explores the history of farming culture of Maccarese

Strolling through the halls of the Museum to relive old times, feel the smell of the countryside of Maccarese and live again the stories of land reclamation. Bread and work, a strong and rich culture that tells not only the Earth but the soul of the territory.

Strolling among the bastions of the castle of the Dragon – Maccarese

Strolling among the ramparts of the Castle from the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. Stopped to observe the ancient artifacts and the splendid rooms and pay attention, you may see the Dragon Malagrotta!

Birdwatching in "Vasche di Maccarese"

Maccarese tanks despite a man-made environment have a rich biodiversity with over 100 plant species. It is possible to identify four distinct vegetation zones: the aquatic vegetation; the bands Eucalypt tree farm (Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus camaldulensis); the reeds in Phragmites australis (Marsh straw) with the beautiful yellow iris (Iris pseudoacorus); the meadows, [...]

Surf and kitesurfing, fly over the waves in Maccarese and Passoscuro

The wind whip you hair with violence.
The taste of the sea that surrounds your body and your spirit.
The waves wild wiggle in front of you.
And only one single thought. Ride them with your Board.
If you love surfing and kitesurfing can't come in Maccarese or Passoscuro to ride the waves and play.