Relive the glories of the past by visiting the castle of Torrimpietra

Visit the ancient castle of Torre in Pietra, built in the middle ages, walking between magnificent halls frescoed by Ghezzi, Italian gardens and superb trompe d'oeil adorning the walls.
Experience the history of this castle and transformed into a Lady of 1700 or a Knight.
And if you love good wine stopped to enjoy the best vintages from the cellar of the Castle.
A day full of art, history, culture and gastronomy.

Stroll through an enchanted forest and cursed in Torrimpietra

The legend tells of Romper, a man endowed with extraordinary magical powers, who for love of her beautiful turned the sacred Grove to Torrimpietra in a mysterious and magical, where only the most foolhardy go.
You are among those?
Read the legendary story of Teddy and his Tower, check out how to enter the sacred Grove ...