Surf and kitesurfing, fly over the waves in Maccarese and Passoscuro

Kitesurfing (kitesurfing or kiteboarding or) is a water sport, of recent invention (1999), born as a variant of surfing; is being towed by a kite ("kite" in English), which uses the wind like propeller and maneuvered through a "barra" (barra), attached to the kite by thin wires (four or five) of dyneema or spectra these lines, between 22 and 27 m.

Kite surfing is practiced with a panel at the foot with which he "plana" on water.


Weak wind kites are used in larger sizes than those used in strong winds. With ideal conditions you can practice sport safely, gliding just (freeriding), performing various evolutions or tricks (freestyle). You can use the kite is on the waves (wavestyle) on flat water (wakestyle) depending on the characteristics of the spot, i.e. in the windy place jargon used.

And that's just what you'll do in our beaches of Maccarese and Passoscuro, the wind blows constantly thanks to the orography of the area and the continuous current from the sea, the beaches are wide and wild, no one will bother you.
You're just you, your kite, wind and sea.

We recommend that you kite away from "summer" months as the beaches may be crowded and unfit for kiting.

E se vuoi iniziare a imparare a fare Kitesurf ti segnaliamo queste scuole di surf e kitesurf a Maccarese e Passoscuro:
RAMBLA (Maccarese) –
“Kitemood” A.S.D (Passoscuro) –