Explores the history of farming culture of Maccarese

At the foot of the castle of St. George you can find the Maccarese of Roman coast Ecomuseum, opened in the year 2010.

The Museum was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Company as well as locals who granted SpA Maccarese Museum by the management research cooperative (C.R.T.).

Those participating in the visit to this Museum, with a time jump, can meet in the history of the surrounding countryside and through extensive documentation consisting of photographs, documents, old tools and models and much more, can relive those times, feel the smell of the countryside of Maccarese and live again the stories of land reclamation.

One of the rooms is dedicated to the memory of the children of this land that fought during the war and is still alive the memory of the fallen.


THURSDAY FROM 17.30 to 19.30 HOURS

SATURDAY FROM 10.30 A.M. to 13.00

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