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A bike ride along the river between history and nature

Fiumicino River Park and cycle path of Parco Leonardo – Fiumicino are an extraordinary place nestled between nature and history, you discover many interesting facts about our region and our history. And you can play with "the hidden treasure of Rodrigo Borgia"

Cycle between the river and a seaside village out of time – Isola Sacra

In the territory of the island there is a particular village Sacred that many do not know and who lives in the strip of land between the river and the Mainland for decades. This is Sentinel Pass, where the people of the river.
Ride in a place away from it all and admire the beautiful panorama which can be seen from bilancioni, where the Sun's fiery red, deep blue sea.

A nature walk in the Macchiagrande OASIS – Fregene

The macchiagrande oasis is a paradise for nature lovers. Its rich avifauna and its lush vegetation offer visitors a trip in green and peaceful surroundings, full of knowledge and beauty.