Art and culture

Niccoline Tower – The oldest of the coastal towers

Discover Torre Niccolina, the oldest of Fiumicino's coastal towers erected since the Middle Ages to defend the territory from the attack of pirates and enemy ships.
Did you know that it was also called the Ruined Tower and the Cop's Tower? Discover these and other curiosities in this post (cover photo by Italia Virtual Tour)

The Saxophone Museum

Inaugurato nel 2019 nell’ex saccheria di Maccarese (anni ’30) ospita la più grande collezione al mondo di saxofoni. Un’esposizione di oltre 600 stupefacenti strumenti, dal piccolissimo soprillo di 32cm al gigantesco contrabasso di 2mt, dal Grafton Plastic agli strumenti dell’inventore Adolphe Sax, dal mitico Conn O-Sax al Selmer CMelody di Rudy Wiedoeft. La Collezione racconta […]

The murals of the blue village

Discover the open-air museum inside the blue village where 9 wonderful murals will tell you about the past, present and future of this beautiful land among bright colors and dreamlike shapes.

Photo by Erica Fasano

Ship Museum

The Fiumicino Ship Museum is a modern and captivating museum that tells the merchant maritime history of Rome through the remains of some Roman ships and other historical artifacts of great value.
The Fiumicino Ship Museum houses one of the most important collections of ancient ships in the Mediterranean, of which the five main wrecks form an exceptional whole: three river boats for the transport of goods along the Tiber between Portus and Rome, a maritime transport ship and one of the rare known fishing boats from the Roman age whose use is certain, Equipped with a central aquarium to keep the catch alive.

Stroll among art and colors by looking at the murals of Passoscuro

Once upon a time, in a small but charming seaside village, magic walls, full of colours and emotions ...
Could start so the story of the fascinating murals of Passoscuro, small but precious works of art that color and embellish the entire seaside village of Buckeye: walking through the narrow streets of the village, you will meet these artworks They tell, between pictures, murals and wall paintings, the soul and character of this land, surrounded by the green of nature and the blue sea and sky.

Borgo Valadier and the historic centre of Fiumicino

Discover the ancient village designed by Valadier, take a leisurely stroll along the lungotevere, observes the sea from the small lighthouse, enjoy local delicacies at one of the many clubs and restaurants of via torre clementina or taste a glass of wine in our cellars. The night is young but not the history of this magical place. Enjoy it!

Street Art "Fiumara Grande" – Passo della Sentinella

Along Sentinel Step among its narrow streets, hidden, intricate as a labyrinth of dreams and stones suddenly you come across a work of street art that immediately catches the heart and the look of the traveler. This is the work of street art entitled "Favor the great Spanish artist Peri Helio ( [...]

Explores the history of farming culture of Maccarese

Strolling through the halls of the Museum to relive old times, feel the smell of the countryside of Maccarese and live again the stories of land reclamation. Bread and work, a strong and rich culture that tells not only the Earth but the soul of the territory.