Archaeological-naturalistic park of the ports of Claudio and Trajan – Fiumicino

Stroll among trees in ancient history, antiquity's largest port.
Look at the places where 2000 years ago, sailors, merchants, labourers transported goods from 4 corners of the Empire surrounded by lush vegetation and facing a huge Lake. Live the story.

Walking in green around a hexagonal ancient Lake – Fiumicino

Have you ever dreamed of strolling amiably on horse-drawn carriages pairs of horses around the Lake of 33 hectares, which was the ancient port of Emperor Trajan?
Along the way there are two stops: the first at the casina of the ducks "where you can drink a good cup of tea or coffee; the second is done at "bird watching", where you can see deer and various birds.

Enter the "Holy" fortified town of Porto – Fiumicino

The Bishop of Porto was one of the oldest Christian centers of Rome, bishopric of primary importance in the middle ages became a fortified town to guard against attacks by the Saracens who were raiding up the Tiber. Houses the relics of the Patron Saint, St. Hippolyte. But a mystery hovers around its high walls.

Looks spectacular sunsets in Fiumicino

Have you ever seen a natural framework? Where the colors of the sky and the Sea catch fire at dusk?
Strolling along the promenade or along the Tiber to enjoy the sunset with a breathtaking spectacle, the famous sunsets.