Tram Parco Leonardo – Oasis of Porto – Fiumicino

Idea free iconAn idea for sustainable and integrated mobility in our territory is to connect Fiumicino city with Parco Leonardo station through a tram that passes through the C5 corridor (designed and designed precisely for fast connections of the TPL via BRT).

The idea behind this project is that in this way the citizens of Fiumicino could have access to the FL1 line of regional trains with a comfortable and fast means such as the tram that, in addition to people, would also allow to accommodate sustainable bikes and means of transport.

The tram map would exactly retrace corridor C5, an important part of the infrastructure is therefore ready.

Let's go see the various stops.
Let's start with the terminus of Fiumicino city.


The terminus on the Fiumicino city side would be right where the electronic schedules of the stops on corridor C5 are now near the roundabout of dead piece and the audience: audience that will host the market, the exchange parking, several bus terminus and a bike sharing station.

It would therefore be an ideal place to integrate different forms of transport and facilitate the interchange of means.


The second stop would be strategic for our tourism, it is the stop related to the archaeological park of the imperial ports of Claudio and Trajan.

The stop would be at the north entrance of the park, just where the ticket office, bookstore and café space are now being built.

It would therefore be perfect as a location.

And it would be usable not only by visiting tourists but also by all citizens.

obviously. the road connecting the park should then be created.


We already have a ready infrastructure here.

It is the old disused station adjacent to the Oasis of Porto.

This stop would also obviously be strategic for our tourism, thus allowing to combine some points of interest located further away from the city but of primary importance and interest.


The last stop is Parco Leonardo, where the FL1 FS station and the shopping center are located.
The tram would therefore integrate with an existing and very important iron infrastructure that would connect Fiumicino city to Ostiense, Tiburtina, etc... that is, to the national rail snoos.

It would also allow the citizens of Parco Leonardo to travel with speed and comfort to Fiumicino city and from there to the various places of the municipality.


The initial project of the C5 mobility corridor was precisely to create a dedicated and protected artery where public transport could transit and quickly and comfortably connect Fiumicino to Parco Leonardo to overcome the lack of a station in Fiumicino city.

The initial project (started by the Province and then managed by the metropolitan city) also planned to transform the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line into a tram or even a railway line.
So the project is absolutely feasible.

source: (19 November 2010)

Given that PNRR-funded projects are in the pipeline to extend the Roma-Lido to Fiumicino and the airport, this project would be an additional means of connecting Fiumicino to Parco Leonardo in a sustainable and integrated way.

If it is not possible to implement this project with the funds of the PNRR there are still a series of European and regional funds to refer to: Regional Operational Programs of the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR), within the Regional Development Programs (RDP) financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) (source: