Feel the wind of the sea and discover the history of Fiumicino

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Along the Tiber every day we see moored dozens of fishing boats that make up the landscape of our country.
It is a seascape, which spans centuries of history and culture of fishing boats.
The same name Fiumicino orographic land looking drift: comes from the Latin Focem Micina, small mouth, referring to Trajan, ditch the channel, branching out from the Tiber to the Cape two branches, plunges towards Fiumicino and the Mediterranean Sea.

The fishing fleet of Fiumicino is the most impressive of Lazio and one of the main Mediterranean Sea: consists of 33 ships and other 60 from small fishing and is historically one of the most active fleets of the peninsula with more than 2000 tons of fish every year. The stretch of coast in which goes from Capo Circeo headed Dinar (80 miles, approximately 160 Km).
The porto canale of Fiumicino has a long history, is so called because it is a port that does not grow on the outside but inside, along the banks of the Tiber, and is home to fishing vessels, boats and ships for many years.
Retrace its history with an impressive gallery.

The vessels are also the protagonists of a procession which takes place in August between the Tiber and the sea, the sea procession of our Lady of the assumption.
The rite, 15 August, begins at 18, in the Church of Santa Maria Harbour of health; at 18.30 boarding the vessel «Nonno Ciro ', which has the honour of hosting the ancient wooden image of the Virgin, followed by the other vessels will head offshore. Craft pay homage to our Lady with their sirens while Bishop of the Diocese of Porto and Santa Rufina blesses the two crowns which are then thrown into the water and will pray for all the lost at sea. The return takes place at sunset, a moment very evocative and spiritual.

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Fiumicino celebrates «Maria Porto della Salute» : with this name was, in fact, relied on the Virgin by sailors and fishermen, since the beginning of the 17th century, for protection and rescue when, with their boats, we headed off along the Mediterranean Sea in search of fish and luck to their fate.
A story that has been repeated for centuries.

Francesca Ankhy Marchi

Amber sky on channel Trajan – Francesca Ankhy Marchi

Enjoy the charm of the dock and Trajan ditch, our advice is to stroll along the banks of the river and get to the bottom of the quays. From there you can see the horizon, the sea and on the right, if the weather allows it, you can see the promontory of Civitavecchia and the Tolfa and Allumiere.
If you decide to stay all day in our beautiful territory, maybe eating at one of our fine restaurants, the advice we can give you is to do this walk off into the sunset, you will see one of the famous sunsets of Fiumicino, a spectacle of nature is unique in the world.

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