Piazza della Madonnella

Park free iconThe quadrant of Via della Scafa is one of the largest and most populous not only of Isola Sacra, but of the whole municipality of Fiumicino.

Yet this quadrant lacks green spaces, squares and urban furnishings, making this neighborhood just a great road junction for those from Ostia to Rome and vice versa.

In short, a ring road in the middle of the urban center. unacceptable.

Yet in this territory there is a lot of potential: large green spaces, the necropolis of Porto, the Early Christian basilica of S. Ippolito, the spas of Matidia, clubs, restaurants, etc...

Recently the municipality has received about 300,000 euros from the region (plus 100,000 entered by the municipality, then in total 400,000 euros) for the redevelopment and modernization of Piazza della Madonnella on the interest of councilor Michela Califano.

In the article the councilor states in a quotation mark,

"... an extraordinary loan has been allocated and granted to the municipal administration, equal to 300 thousand for the recovery, redevelopment, interventions of urban furnishings and construction of a new roundabout in piazza della Madonnella in Isola Sacra "

However, going to analyze the project in the local newspapers there is no trace of redevelopment or urban furniture but only the umpteenth road junction to allow others to be able to easily pass on this quadrant of territory.
In short, Isola Sacra is seen as usual as a huge ring road.

Yet with those same funds (perhaps adding something) you could create a small square nice and welcoming for the thousands of citizens who live in this area.

Here's our idea.


Except that it will be necessary to make changes to the original project which, as it is, does not meet the needs of citizens, it would still be possible to modify the road structure and at the same time build a small park behind the currently existing newsstand to create a small green park but contemporary

Right now the situation is like this,

but with a modernization project and the installation of new street furniture, it could be transformed in this way,

It would therefore be a matter of transforming the square making it more beautiful, welcoming and pleasant, realizing, here really, an operation of redevelopment, modernization and tactical urbanism (if you do not know what tactical urbanism is this article can help you).

From abandoned land it would turn into a small beautiful square (finally we add).

The ground would be paved, the newsstand would move to the left, new plantings of trees would be installed, benches and a beautiful fountain would be installed in the center of the square.

The trees in addition to offering refreshment to everyone, especially in periods of summer heat, would also have a practical utility, since they would help reduce the temperature of the square.

Homes | where we were from

* piccola piazza con fontana a Villa Victoria, sobborgo di Boston nel South End

  • Ghirardelli’s square, piccola piazza del quartiere di Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

As well as the fountain, which in addition to beautifying the entire square would help to cover the noise of cars and give coolness in periods of intense heat.

In addition there will be several benches to allow everyone to rest, read and relax.

You can do it, just want to do it.

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