Check out a small chapel full of history and spirituality – Focene

In the middle of the countryside between Focene and Maccarese stands a small chapel in its primitive and simple beauty of 1700 tells the story of an ancient martyr of Holy Island, Santa Ninfa.

Taking via delle draining pump from Focene towards Maccarese you arrive at the junction with via di Santa Ninfa, this is where it is kept in the middle of the countryside, among ancient houses crumbling and large green expanses, the small chapel of Santa Ninfa.
It is a votive chapel of the ' 700, gift of Pope Leo IV, surrounded by the remains of those who were old farmhouses.

Inside is a single white room, naked with an apse that probably once housed a statue of the Saint.

Going into this tiny, tiny Chapel centuries back and closing his eyes one imagines the life, works and the death of this woman, lived 1700 years ago here, in this land, preaching their faith and dying for it.

Whatever our beliefs is something very deep and spiritual.

Ninfa was daughter of Aureliano, prefect of Palermo, persecutor of Christians.
She was converted and baptized in his home by Bishop Mamiliano, along with other thirty people.
The father Aurelian apprehending Mamiliano and 200 more Christians, attempted to withdraw the daughter by the new religion. Seen in vain his attempts and after they have been subjected to torture, brought them close to prison, but legend has it that an Angel freed them, leading them by the sea where they found a boat.
Due to religious persecution by the work of the Aryans was sent into exile in Africa, perhaps along with s. Mamiliano, Bishop of Palermo (?).
From here, redeemed from the piety of the faithful, he retired to Sardinia and then to the island of Giglio or other geopolitical terms, where s. Mamiliano seems to have founded some monastery for nuns hermits.

Eager to visit Rome landed at a place called Bucina; After the visit to the tombs of the Apostles, Mamiliano died and Ninfa did bury near Bucina; After about a year also Ninfa died and was buried where they had preserved the relics of other martyrs.
For the bond with the Holy monk, seems to have gone to Rome to venerate the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul and died in Porto, namely Fiumicino, where the Christians built a church.
The Christians of this place called because passed a drought that ailed them.
The oldest news out of s. Ninfa is of the ninth century, the Liber Pontificalis, because in the biography of Pope Leo IV (847-855), says that he made a gift to the Church of s. Ninfa martyr, exists in Portuense area.

The cult in the city of Palermo is very old; her memory goes back to 1483 at the dedication of a Bell in the Cathedral; in a 14th-century manuscript of the Archivio storico Diocesano Capitularium is remembered in a litany of Saints; in parchment Breviary of Simone di Bologna in the Treasury of the Cathedral of Palermo (1445) and various expressions of art.

ATTENTION: the chapel of s. Ninfa is located on private land, is not (unfortunately) then open to the public, so use caution and courtesy in the visit. If there is own always ask permission first. If you notice that is "abused" reported the thing at the culture Department and Secretary of the Mayor. It is in any case an artistic and historic heritage by preserving and enhancing.

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